Hi, We are Terry and Paula Cashion. After we retired we looked for something to do with our time and discovered etching glass. The sand etching process requires a great attention to detail. We start one of two ways, either Terry draws an image or I select one from specialized clip art. Then we size and print the image, so that we can create a photo resist. Once the resist is made we attach it to the item. After we cover the remainder of the item with tape, we sand etch the item. After clean-up it is ready for you to view. We just purchased a laser so that we will also be able to do more types of images on glass. Very fine lined images etch much better using the laser. Because it takes less time to etch a glass we will be able to etch larger volume special orders. The ability to select how we will etch the glass as well as what we want to etch into the glass gives us a better selection of glass. Some of the images, the windmill glasses for example are much better with the laser. We get a truer more consistant image. The large windmill and other images on the sand etched vases can not be duplicated with the laser. The depth variations in sand carved and shaded vases can not be done by breaking an image down into pixels and etching them.

If there is something special that you would like on glass, just contact us.

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By email:cashion@cashionscrafts.com

Cashion's Crafts
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Shipping Information:

The merchandise will be shipped within 1 to 2 weeks.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: You may cancel your order anytime before it ships. If you receive the merchandise and are not happy let us know and we will tell you how to ship it back so that we can issue a refund. In case of refunds customer pays for shipping.